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basic stuff
Posted by TheoO

Vote for my moves at nikefootball.com(I sent the old video ,wearing yellow shirt) :D Well you guys seen my new videos so make a verdict..thanks

In league 2 right now.
come on...you guys need to stop these things happenin in EF!atleast khalif made a video for us to enjoy,every body learns in EF!not everybody is an Expert...and hey i thought his video was good enough!
.*.* .El club más grande en el mundo, los madrid reales serán De nuevo los Campeones europeos .*.*.

I thought it was pretty good, and who cares about the names as long as he makes the move it is fine with me
poor video quality but i like the video keep it up
man do i wish i was as good as Ronaldinho

nice work :D
man do i wish i was as good as Ronaldinho

bullshet will call it 'around the universe' in australia. it might be what you and afew of your mates call it but, everyone else in australia calls it knee htw or knee atw. i personally think ur full of it. its not that u thought u made it up and named it, ive done that many times and discoverd its already a trick, but if everyone else says it already has a name...
(first time in 32 years and still we have no chance...)

dont give us sh!t, soccer and football are the same thing

yeah I really liked his vid.

you've got some really good skills and your kick ups are neat and tidy. I think that the names don't matter that much----I know jack about all the names for tricks, I play football and I think it's great that people can take the time to make these amazing videos but I've noticed that there's an argument on pretty much EVERY forum.

I know we've just been saying that you can't act like a pro but......I think you'd really blossom with staying on the spot, improving balance and keeping the combos flowing.

Thanks for listening and well done on the vid :D

"Play with your feet, not with your hands."

Like everyone says, it doesn't matter the name of the trick... its the ability to do the trick, and as you get better, the quality of the trick will increase.

I'm pretty sure owen meant no harm but he had good points, and he also shown some encouragement. As for the quality of the video, maybe he saved it in a low quality format to help save bandwidth? Sure everyone would like high definition videos, but not everyone has the computer power to run those vids ;)

I see great potential in his video and with more practice his tricks will become more controlled and combos will be much more complicated.
eno7 wrote:
hey buddy,

i go to khalifs school, he is very skilled.....

well yeh he can do better but yeh its still good

hey man eno7 is not your nick name. use another nickname... it will be better for you :wink:
Wow good video. You got really good kick ups and combos. And it's nice to see too. Good work. :D :D :wink: