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Postby Owen4ever » 07 Sep 2005, 00:34

tomek_michalski wrote:I don't make excuse for my video, I say only that playing on the pitch is something else than doing freestyle and people making freestyle don't good on the pitch as these which are football player. This is true. I don't think that Beckham is good freestyle or Frankowski, Żurawski, McKay, Podolski etc. Many people on this forum like for instance even R9KEvinR9 are better than David Beckham in freestyling. I say it because I saw 2 years ago the individual tournament in which there were football players and one of the round was to make some freestyle and You know what Beckham do...? and in fact he won because of making this freestyle....so he made some poor juggle, then he get his ball into his back and making some ******( i don't know how it is in english) on the ground and that is it. He won this round. Maybe brazilian,argentinian,spanish,italian stars are good in freestyle and football pitch but the rest football players all over the world that is rare that they are good on it and on it. So put Your head in the air because people who making freestyle on this forum like R9KEvinR9 and so on are surely better than Żurawski, Heskey, Hypia, Kobiaszwili and so on, and so on...

i think you should know about pros and freestyling a bit more before you speak up. every pro, and i mean every pro at the top level or even the lower league levels sometimes... even some crappy centre backs for crystal palace can at least do multiple atw's and tatw's, headstall, neckstall, cheststall, rainbow, do an akka, shoulder stall, shirtcatch, kneestall, and more. they need good control to play, and excellent control they all have. and with good control over the ball those tricks aren't too difficult to learn.

btw your video was of poor video quality, was way too long, poorly edited, with bad music layed over it and with very few freestyle tricks if any. i do however applaud you for your control over the ball which looked great, but what you did in the video i do not consider freestyle.

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Postby Roonablo » 11 Sep 2005, 14:26

one word - boring
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Postby peps1154 » 11 Sep 2005, 16:24

Yeah the video was crappy but i shouldn't say nothing since I suck at freestyling too, anywa Im happy that there is another polish person on this forum. W koncu jakis inny polak przyszedl na forum.

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Postby brunetziku » 21 Jun 2006, 04:39

basic skills but pretty nice ;)
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Postby xr250 » 31 Aug 2007, 01:42

good ball control man i bet u are a better on field player than freestyler

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