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How long does it take to be a freestyler

hey guys..i know this should be under freestyling but its can also be under skills...i need some help. how long does it usually take to get really good at freestyling. ive been doing it for a month and i can do the atw without stalling, i can do a couple of flick ups, and i can catch the ball on my neck..is that good progress??

also, how do u get videos on this site?
i sent in a video and they didnt take it. maybe cause it was too amateur?
tell me what u think :shock:
KevinR9 Thanks Bruvva

ya I think thats good. you must have already been able to juggle well befor you started thogh. Right? But anyway that is some good progress. You should foucus on percect the atw becuase it opens up so many more tricks to you. ANd don't forget the crossover.
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it takes about a year or two to become really good and all pro like.



Ofcourse it differce, some people can learn tricks faster then some others. But it's important to keep on practising :)
yeah ive only been doing it for 2 monthes and sometimes i can do tatw.. the trick to that move is to just get the around world right and the rest is very easy. matw is hard though because you gotta get a lot of momentum..i do it a lot but i find it difficult
KevinR9 Thanks Bruvva

u dont really need to to take like 2-3 years..its a matter of fact that u just need to master the tricks and joint them all to make good combos...that shows a good freestyler
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