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sorry another street soccer ball thread

only found a mitre on ebay a calle and some brine one i play alot of street ball need a new ball ruined a replica of a epl offical

check ebay they have them
redrover365 wrote:
check ebay they have them

like he said he only found a mitre ball on ebay so checking ebay probley wouldnt do.

Try www.jjbsports.com
i got one off ebay a size 4 street / futsal / indoor ball its great on concrete allot of kick abouts i have here in the states they hate using this ball claim its too small or it has to much traction . i say well you are using a teamgiest captiano with allot of air thus making it a basketball thats not soccer when u have to jump every 2 seconds the balls suppose to stay on the ground and use ground work to get past your oppents but i think i found the ball i been seeking callee or what ever its called they got some great looking footballs