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Ball loses air

Does anyone know how to fix this? I have a soccer ball that loses air very slowly through the pumping hole. In around 2-3 days it will be flat.
Two possibilities:
1) It has a hole in it somewhere.
2) It has a bad bladder (needle hole thingy for air retainance)

What ball is it?
you might want to put the ball under water to find the leak, if it does have one.
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It is a Nike T90 Team 400, its not very old and the outside is in pretty good condition. I did put in water. The leak is coming from hole on the ball that is used for pumping air into it. So is there anyway to fix this problem?
You should always read the whole post before advising, lol.

I don't think there is a chance of repairing it, but you could send it to Nike (or the place you bought it) and tell it's quite new and you wish for a refund or a new ball.

Oh, and there is a text in most footballs that tells you to moisten the needle before inflating.

Oh well, I think it's impossible to repair it. It's better if you go where you brought it and ask if you can change it...if not... :cry:
A few years ago, we used to have this stuff called "Ball Doctor"

Basically, it was just a syringe full of some sort of glue. You injected it into the ball, pumped it up and the ball doctor would somehow find the hole and plug it.

It was brilliant. I just did a quick "Google" and it still exists today.

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Well I kind of created a cheap way of fixing the problem, haha. I made a small circle with tape around 4 pieces thick and taped it on the pumping hole. I covered the circle with a small circle of storage tape. It hasn't lost any air and it is almost like there is no problem. It also does not come off from playing. Also when I need to pump the ball, I can take it off and make another cover.
get a new ball...
redrover365 wrote:
get a new ball...

redrover365 i hate you, jks please give more info in a post, well atleast more than that ^^^
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well, just to give an update, it turns out the ball just suddenly stopped losing air and its almost as good as new
flyhigh19 wrote:
well, just to give an update, it turns out the ball just suddenly stopped losing air and its almost as good as new

thats good to hear
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