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Street performing


Mostly in street performances, you just have to do your best. No matter what average people( if you live in the usa) are goin to think it is amazing.

Just practice each move like crazy till you can dp them in your sleep.
When you get out there, there wont be any people around until you start getting going and you wont have a huge crowd just a few people stopping here or there.
As you progress and get more expeireince in doin street performances you wont be as nervous. Its mainly just expireince.

You could try showing people your moves like mom, dad, brother or sister. Or your neigbor or anyone. just to get some expirience
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do a variety. if your friend does a lot of cool upper tricks for example, then you do the same, its boring. take it in turns doing the 'cool crowd pleasers' (which usually arent lower body).

good: long sits combos
bicycle juggling
sole stall
smooth upper
topheadstall for a while
long easy lower combos with style

stuff like that.
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