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Match Ball or Training Ball?

I was wondering whether the higher priced matchballs or the lower priced training-type balls are better for training? I'm most likely going to either buy a Total 90 Aerow ball or maybe a Mercurial Veer ball or something like that. So which ball is best for consistent training?
well the obvious answer would be the higher priced match ball but you've got to ask yourself which ones better value for money
in the long run they will have a similar life span so for the purpose of training why pay more than you need to
The thing is, I can get them both at around the same price range if I buy the old Total 90 Aerow I Ball. So what do you say I should do? Stick with the matchball is what I'm thinking, but I just wanted to make sure.
yeah you cant beat a fully pumped up match ball for shooting it just has a better feel
I'm going to go for the Aerow ball, thanks for the advice ScottyBoy. :D
why is this in the apparel section though? BG i expect better from you. :wink: i'll move it over to the footballs section

Oh shit! I didn't even see that section. I thought it was strange that there wasn't one, but I guess there was. :oops:
that's alright, happens to the best of us...although i don't think it's happened to me yet :D