Manchester Lineup against Barcelona

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Manchester Lineup against Barcelona

Postby asimon2006 » 26 Apr 2008, 03:52

If anyone of you in this forum has a dvr and record the first leg of Barca vs. Manunited then you know that lineup was full of crap and that C.Ronaldo headed that ball on milito's hand on purpose. During the first few minutes while C.Ronaldo's teammates were talking to him. When I saw Rooney and Ferdinand talking to him it felt strange since I knew something bad was about to happen, but I couldn't my finger on it. I know someone is about to disagree with me, but if Man united won that game it would have been because of that penalty and the Man united playing defense with no possession. The only time it would have been a fair penalty for Ronaldo is when Abidal slide tackled him in the penalty box and he got extremely mad.Which would have been sad? Second of all the finishing for Barca was terrible nobody besides Ronaldinho himself could slamm the ball in the back of the net. The freekicks should have been easy. Because most of them were up close. The only one that came close was Thierry Henry. Alot of people, are saying that Man United are going to roll over Barca with their aggressional starting XI next week. But, I'm here to tell all Man united fans at this forums. You still got one ole enemy to worry about and that's my boy Thierry Henry. I predict Barca and Chelsea in the finals.

Man United fans please post.

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