A football is a football, why pay $50

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Postby flyhigh19 » 28 Jul 2008, 06:22

Well said everyone. I don't pay very much money for my soccer balls either (usually around 10-25 dollars). However I have a couple of soccer balls that are match balls (60 dollar range) that either I found or my friends gave me. I have to say the difference is pretty big. The match balls I have (Nike Catalyst, Nike Mercurial Seer, Nike T90 Team 400) in my opinion are much better than the training balls I have (Adidas Teamgeist Gliders, Nike Swift, Nike Club). The match balls just seem better to play with (shooting, passing, trapping, bounces, etc.) I play with the top notch soccer balls often in games and tournaments (Teamgeist, Nike Omni, Nike Aerow, etc.) and those are by far the best soccer balls. Whenever I see one of those top match balls, I just want to shoot it, and watch it fly through the air haha. Generally, the higher price, the higher quality. So no need to get mad for people wanting a better quality ball.

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