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How many soccer balls do you own?

How many soccer balls do you own?
Poll ended at 01 Jul 2005, 04:46
1  9%  (1 votes)
2  36%  (4 votes)
3  9%  (1 votes)
4  0%  (0 votes)
5  45%  (5 votes)
I think I have... uhh... lemme just list them.
Nike T90 Spectra
Adidas Teamgeist Replica
Random Nike Ball that's completely faded
Nike Man Utd. Soccer Ball
Size 4 Random Nike Ball
Size 4 Soccer Ball from my old soccer league that is as light as a feather
Adidas Teamgeist Miniball
Nike Skills Miniball

That comes out to... 8
gnarlyjim wrote:
adnankhan wrote:
gnarlyjim wrote:
I have just found about 15 balls in my basement, mostly World Cup 2002 Adidas balls. I don't know exactly where my dad got them, but I'm not complaining.

15balls :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o is u r dad a coach or something

Yeah, but he hasn't coached at the high school where he teaches lately. They might have come from there, I'm not really sure. :?

... just an update. I asked my dad about them and they are the schools practice balls.

To make things even better, one of the balls I had that was decent just got deflated thanks to a fence.

2 Nike Total 90 balls one red and one silver sz 5
1 Nike Mercurial Vapor sz 5
1 Ball on a elastic :P sz 5
1 Nike Ronaldo Ball sz 2
bought 2
i have

1. Adidas MB Match Ball
2. Champions League Glider
3. Umbro X-Ball
4. Nike Tiempo Skills ball
5. Nike R10 Ball
fuck you



1 adidas F50 Xite Ball
2 adidas Teamgeist Training Ball- $10 at fred myers and my favorite ball
1 Nike Celtic Club Replica
1 Nike T90 Club Team Ball
1 adidas MB Replique Ball
1 Nike Mercurial
1 Diadora ball

i basiclly just use the adidas Teamgeist training balls
I own like 8 soccer balls but some are autographed or i got from games so i don't use them.
Too many to count...but I usually only use my Diadora Mondiale or Adidas Fevernova('02 WC Ball).
I have Adidas Teamgeist Replique but just to ask: Is Nike Man Utd Ball good or not?
Got 2 World Cup 06' balls
1 no name brand ball
1 ball that i used a lot and the panels are all missing, and 2 size 1 balls
2 size 4 fevernova (WC 02) replica
1 size 5 fevernova replica
1 size 4 teamgiest replica
1 size 5 teamgiest replica
1 size 5 santiago ball
1 size 5 rotiero (euro 04) replica

7 total

this topic is like 7 months old lol....

I own four balls including a size 1
i own 1 but its the f50 ball its ok but i have had much better
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