This is the funniest thing I've seen for a while...

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This is the funniest thing I've seen for a while...

Postby ratherton » 16 Feb 2009, 22:49


Mandy felt Brian's wrath when she wandered in front of him after they'd announced free beer at the bar.....

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Postby Croatianblood1 » 16 Feb 2009, 22:54

I always knew Man Utd fans were retarded. You can't help but laugh at this. I don't even feel bad for the guy.

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Postby NewBornProdigy » 16 Feb 2009, 23:07

Poor Poor bastard lost his wife aswell
Like what could you do in that situation?

thats right... cry

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Postby Soccer4Life » 17 Mar 2009, 03:17

Seems a little cruel. Far past casual joking. I feel bad for both parties :roll:

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