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Which clubs are good in melbourne?

I am looking for a new club and just wanted some idea.So which clubs do u guys think are good in melbourne and the reasons for it?
if u asked me for any from NSW i maayyy be able to help.

Had2bharry is the one to go too
You should try and aim for a state league team, some of the really big ones are South Melbourne, melbourne knights, but it depends if theres any specific place you are looking at.
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yeah but those have trials for upto 18 years of age. I am going to be turning 19 by the end of this season(I play for melbourne university). I really dont like melbourne uni soccer club.
I am just looking for a normal coach where there is a professinal coach who knows what he is doing and talking about and some fairness in squad selection! Not asking for much...
Melbourne Uni? We played thier womens reserve side a few weeks ago and we thrashed them 6-0. :D I hear they have a high turnover of players, so yeah, you probably are better of going for a better team.

Whereabouts in Mel do you live?
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I live in south yarra.I am thinking of South yarra soccer club next yr...but wondering whether they will take me or not... Having said tht, melbourne uni is the cheapest of all the clubs...so dunno!
Anyway which club do u play for Had2bHarry?
I play for AltonaCity. As for trying out for South Yarra, your always going to fail if you dont try.
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