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Does it matter what age you start?

I mean if a 12 year old starts freestyling at the same time as an 18 year old, will the 12 year old have better development than the 18 year old, keeping in mind that both of them are practicing the same amount of time. I say this because I see these amazing 12-16 years old freestyling, while I am 18 already and could barely do an around the world. Is it to late for me? I practice but I feel I am getting nowhere? How much do all the elite freestylers practice a day? I am really starting to lose hope.
it depends but i think it will benefit more because your more use to it and have more experience but thats not always the case.
I think freestyling is something to start at a late age because you have a better bal control normaly with the experience you have and all I think it will be a lot easier to learn at a late age.
I believe that as young kid you may learn easier, but being 18 doesn't mean you can't either. Both can turn out to learn a lot.
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rzadzinski wrote:
I believe that as young kid you may learn easier, but being 18 doesn't mean you can't either. Both can turn out to learn a lot.

I think for freestyling it is the other way when you're older you have a better bal control and you can learn these moves easier.
i start practice normal juggling from october
and i'm 17 yrs old...
i think it juz depend on individual
I guess it does depend of the individual. I could juggle pretty well, but my freestyling sucks. Maybe if I get serious and start practicing, I could do some tricks. I mean I could do atw, crossover, and a lot of stalls, it's just that i cant do them that fluently, and I can't make them connect into a combo.
I started freestyle at age 14 or something......... so far i kno lots of moves and kno how to juggle, i dont think it matters what age u start long as you work hard and practice everyday for it......... :)
basically, i think people say younger people learn things better... (you cant teach an old dog new tricks). but i think that applies better to cognitive things. with physical things, like freestyle, the older you are (as long as you dont have health problems) the quicker you should learn. for a start, the smaller you are the shorter your legs are. i think that only applies up to a certain height, where if youre above that height it doesnt matter, but itd be mighty hard for a five year old to go around the ball.

obviously if a 12 and 18 year old started at the same time, by th age of 19 the one who started at 12 would be... well, years better. but in terms of improvement rate, i think you grasp physical concepts better the older you are.
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For me, it doesn't matter what age you start with. As long as you get the right technique, whatever your age is, you'll learn quicker than others. Some players, they pick up a trick just by looking at others whereas some have to try and practice a lot just to do one trick!

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I started at 12, and it took my over two months to get around the world. I think it's easier if your older, because then you have better ball control and longer legs makes ATW easier.
ok. I'll explain in simple terms.

1: The young people.
Look at Tom Folan! He's incredible! He's been freestyling for maybe 2 + 1/2 years now, and he's got to be one of the best in the world. He has the world record for atatw(i think). His legs are very small, andhe started at 12, but he is crazy.

2: being old.
Look at Azun! He is 28 years old now, and has only been fs'ing for 3 years(started at 25) and he is crazy, he has smashed many boundaries of leg speed and skill and style. he's massive too ;)

It does not matter at what age you start, just the amount of practise you put in.
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