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Concrete Wall Ball

I need a strong ball that won't peel when hit against a concrete wall. All the regular balls seem to peel when I play on the tennis court. The tennis court has a wall in the middle so it is a perfect place for me to practice with a wall. But I can't find a ball that is tough enough for this. I even bought the Calle street ball and it's fine when just doing groundmoves but when I hit it against the wall it started to peel like the rest of them. Somebody else must practice on a wall? What ball is good for this?
maybe try a futsal ball, they are a lot heavier though but much tougher imo
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Honestly I don't there are many soccer balls out there that are made to withstand being kicked into a solid concrete wall (if any). I think you are better off just buying a cheap soccer ball (10 dollars) and just have that last for 1-3 months. However, I do have recommendations, most of the cheap Diadora balls (like the ones you find at Target) are pretty durable for this type of training, cause its what I use. I would not use the Adidas glider balls (like the padded ones), those will tear apart against a wall/fence. As for Nike, I think those would be okay, as long as you don't get the padded ones (spongy). As for other brands, as long as they aren't padded, they should last a while.
I always find that Addias balls, paticularly the champions leauge balls always are great at withstanding abuse from being hit at a wall

I get them cheap from a factory shop (€10 as opposed to €20) but they are well worth it and always reatain their shape

Peeling on the other hand is next to impossible to stop... Bubblewrap is the only solution

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try the mikasa
its a pretty tough ball

another option is the molten vantaggio

we play on a hard ground and have been using the above two balls since years.

i highly recommend the mikasa
In Aus you can buy a league summit street soccer balls for like $15 aus dollar
Mitre balls are very tough.
I'd recommend it for this.
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I have used a Adidas tango ball....lasted about a year of abuse...great ball
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Shifty_FSU wrote:
Mitre balls are very tough.
I'd recommend it for this.

Oh on second thoughts Mitre are kickass, they are impossible to damage
Alright, thanks a lot guys. Im going to get one of those mitre balls and see how it hold up. :D
I went to mitre.com and checked out some of the balls they got. how does this one look?

http://www.mitre.com/products/football/ ... imple.html

never seen one like that before, maybe it wont peel.
I saw that you got the calle street ball so i'm not sure if this one will be any better as i've never tried it. Anyways here is a link to a nike street ball.