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neck stall, flick, neck stall.

when the ball is on the back of your neck, in a neckstall, how do you flip it up to catch it on your neck again. or to catch the ball in your shirt, (after you have taken it off, obvously)
anyone can describe how please?

Its A Girls Game.

lean forwards, then flick your back up staright again and flick your head up, it should go up in the air. its hard to explain...
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a good way to describe it is standing up and looking behind you in one fast motion. through practice youll discover how fast and how big to make the movements
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From neckstall, let the ball roll on your head slowly. Flick it up as the ball reaches about 3/4 of the back of your head. You can learn more about neckstall and flicking from neckstall in this article:


Hope that helps :)

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