Adidas Jabulani or Nike T90 ascente?

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Adidas Jabulani or Nike T90 ascente?

Postby acmilan94 » 30 Dec 2009, 15:58

I got some extra money for Christmas so I'm thinking of buying myself a new ball, my Molten ball that I've had for 2 years is trashed.
So my two choices are either the Nike T90 Ascente ball or the new Jabulani World Cup ball. Their both about the same price, but my impression is the Nike balls feel heavier when kicking them, and Adidas balls fly off the foot.
What do you guys think? Which ball is better?
Also, any suggestions for good cheap balls that I can train on concrete with would be great.
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Postby panchester07 » 30 Dec 2009, 15:59

Get the Jabulani though, Its newer technology and its also more "fashion".

I havent playedf with it, Ive played with the EuroPass 2008 (original one)..

You just hit 50% and the ball cruises down the air like a super-fast laserbeam.

It also has a ridiculous amount of spin, and I bet the Jabulani would be more serious even......

So get the Jabulani

Sorry back to topic
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Postby roo6 » 10 Jan 2010, 00:36

Jabulani is a technically superior ball, if it wasn't... Why would FIFA sanction it? They would use the Nike balls otherwisem TBF I've kicked both and the Nike is heavier. I've just ordered mine and can't wait to get my left T90 wrapped round it

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