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Adidas UEFA Finale 9 Match vs. Nike T90 Ascente EPL Ball

Which ball would you prefer?
Poll ended at 24 May 2010, 22:11
Nike EPL  20%  (1 votes)
Adidas UCL Finale 9  80%  (4 votes)
Anyone have either or both that has an opinion? I have the UCL Finale 9 ball still in a box and I've been offered a trade for the Nike Ascente EPL ball. I've never had the Nike on the pitch before so I thought I'd throw it up for discussion. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

crap sorry i meant to press the total 90 ball. I think Nike always wins in the ball section. But in saying this i have always thought Mitre make the best balls
Thanks for the opinion. I have the Jabulani OMB and I was leaning towards the EPL ball just to change it up a little. With that said...crazy about the hi-vis or just go for the plain white/blue?

the plain blue and white is wicked. Go with it