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Champions League Quarter/Semi final Draw

klc123 wrote:
Why haven't you dropped it?

Inter were not expected to beat Barcelona. Inter were not expected to go through. Inter are not considered as good as Barcelona at the moment by many. These are opinions many many people have. I clicked information on my sky box yesterday and it said "after a shock loss at the San Siro, Barcelona now play at Nou Camp to defend their title..." Even the retards at sky that don't have a clue about sport, they just program the TV schedule thought that Inter were the underdogs.

I know it's often you see underdogs win, but my point was that they would not have won without Mourinho managing them because he gave them the tactical sense to beat Barcelona.

Say whatever the fuck you want to be honest but I still maintain that Barcelona were expected to go through over Inter from the start. Just drop it and stop been so critical over the tiny things I say and acting like I've just kicked you in the bollocks by saying them?

Why don't you drop it? You tell me to drop it yet you seem to continue talking over and over, what do you expect me to do? Just shut up? Specially when I disagree.... Why do I take it so seriously, cause your annoying, your "hot N cold" you change your mind almost everyday, and you talk with such confidence and certainty that what your saying is the truth.. Ejem Hitler debate, Messi can't win game on his own, Ronaldo is better than Messi, South Americans only go to Europe to "learn to play better", its honestly annoying how your version HAS to be the truth, and how your version changes with every moon, and then you get mad cause people disagree... Hey man, you don't want people to disagree with your stuff, theres a good cooking forum right here, check it out:

PF, Mourinho isn't the first DT to beat this Barcelona, Rubin Kazaan beat them in Nou Camp, Espanyol tied them and could have beat them, but they lacked the offensive material, Atletico de Madrid beat them, so did Sevilla, all these teams with less stars, with less quality players, and worse in their league beat Barcelona, why aren't you saying they are the best DT's in the world?... Theres DT's that realize that the best tactic isn't to attack straight foward, for some it works, for some it doesn't the main reason it worked for Inter, and not, for other teams, is because Inter has quality footballers, that can score in few chances and counterattacks..

In all honesty, Barcelona is a great team, but so is Inter, they've been champions of their league for so many seasons, and the reputation Barcelona hass, is the same Man U had, is the same Milan had, and so on, Champions are always seen "as the strongest" until someone comes and beats them, it has happend for everychampions league since they started .. That doesn't mean that the team that knocked out the champion "has the best coach ever", they have a good coach, they're in form, but next season probablilities and statistics have shown, that someone is gonna knock them out... Ferguson walked over Mourinho last year tactically, in San Siro Man U gave Inter a dance, and in Man U a comfortable 2- 0... Inter recently has always been seen as one of the best 5, I remember precisly last season i think it was Cruyff said the final is "Barcelona vs whoever wins Inter/ManU in the 16th round" its not like Inter is a shyte mid-table team that suddenly started playing well cause Mourinho is there..

Inter right now = Chelsea, Man U, Barcelona level... There a top team, with one of the best squads, good job for beating Barcelona, its not that big of a deal, if you would say Barcelona got beat by fuck Lyon, or Stuttgart I would take off my hat for their manager, but Mourinho has an excellent squad and Inter always been an excellent team, so it was a big probability. . . .

Mourinho is a good coach, excellent coach to be honest, but to call him the best just because he's in the final is absurd, specially when this phenomenom happens year after year...

And vs Barcelonaa, Mourinho has lost more than he won, so...

He always has multi-million dolar squads.. Chelea, Inter, his only real merit that I was truely in awe was with Porto, but after that he basically had to leave Chelsea because he didn't win..... I remember him saying something about lacking the ingredients to win.
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Lmao. I can see it now

NO GUYS, Ronaldo's food tastes better than messi's favorite food, therefore Ronaldo can beat more players and win games by himself!

If I had to pick a winner this season I think only a fool would bet against Jose Mourinho, sorry Inter. Especially with Bayerns attack seemingly only coming down one flank.

I presume you mean sorry Bayern? I do think that Inter has it in the bag already. Especially if Ribery is suspended.
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Back to the gameee I would like to point out a few things that caught my eyee...

1)6 Argentianians started that game..

2)If Guardiola was gonna open it down the wing, and cross the ball all day, why take out the tall players like Ibra, and introduce Bojan, and Jeffren, Messi was also there, the three of them are like no more than 1.69 and if you add them up, there probably not taller than Lucio haha jk.. They where crossing the ball to these shorties, to watch Lucio, Samuel, Maicon, Zanneti, Cambiasso, whoever it be clear the ball..

3) I love how Pedro dribbles..

4) Guardiola chose youngsterss vs veterans as subs, again Jeffren and Bojan.. vs Henry or whoever else..

5) Key play of the match imo was Julio Cesar's block to the Messi play where he beat a man (can't remember who) and curled it, it was around the 30th minute or so, and it was so going in, Julio Cesar maid a superb stop, with the tip of his fingers, on 95% of the other keepers that was a goal, and if Barcelona would have scored so early, the game would have been totally diferent, so key play, key stop..

6) Thats why imo, Julio Cesar was the man of the match..

7) Samuel E'too was playing central defender :D, he hustled so much, he ran, tackled, defended, he literally left his skin on that field, nice to see that..

8) The sprinklers thing, very gay, what would have people have said, if in the Bernabeu, the sprinklers would have been turned on, when Barcelona started celebrating their win?? What would ADJECTIVES would have been used, if Iker Casillas would have ran, and grabbed Guardiola by the neck? Maybe, I should be asking another question, what wouldn't cule's be saying? Iker would have had to move to Australia, at least.
to know Him is to want to know Him more"

"i don't know where the limit is, but I know where it is not"

Tocar y moverse y tratarla siempre muy muy bien..'

Are you actually fucking serious?

Evan i don't care if a shit if you contribute nothing or the most in the entire forum, your still an immature moron that has to rub your nose into everything that has nothing to do with you. Go take your snooping somewhere else, preferably off the top of a very tall building.

Panchester, I think your one of the, if not the best poster on these forums. If you have a problem with me then come speak to me about it, don't go letting it all out on one thread in front of everyone like a bad burst pipe. Did you read my first post? All i said was that in my opinion that Mourhinho had done things at Inter that no other current manager could have. At some point between that and now you've come to the conclusion that I think Inter are a shit team that Mourinho is everything to the club and that it's him that beat Barcelona, not the players or team together. The reason I said drop it was because I didn't even want to get into this argument so I wasn't going to post anything else about it and then you posted straight away explaining to me how wrong I am? I don't give a flying fuck if I am wrong, I probably am, but I don't want give a wanker like Evan an excuse to point and scream. And by the way, what sort of an insult is calling me confident? You are always asking me how to be more confident in yourself, so why do you look at it in a bad way? The only people who look at confident people and hate them are jealous people.
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Guys, guys, chill out. Just because someone may have a different opinion than you doesn't mean you have to lash out at them, or make long winded retorts that attack their character as well as their statements. And if you must, please take it outside the threads. Thanks.

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That was my point, i wanted to chill things down a bit because obviously people were taking my statements and opinions of Internazionale the wrong way so I said why haven't you dropped it and the whole thing kicked up like a whirl wind and then other people stirred it even more by saying saying that I'm the source of all arguments on this forum. Whether or not that's true, having the immaturity to highlight it shows that they are part of the problem as well.

I admit when I send that message earlier I was pissed off, and looking at it I've said many things i should not have. But I know for a fact I am not the only one who needs to calm down so everyone, just take a chill pill.
A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

Due to this thread becoming outdated, and quite frankly rather petty and annoying it would probably be a good idea to start over and discuss the final in the final thread like reasonable football fans.


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