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adidas 2010 FIFA World Cup Final Official Match Ball

I was thinking of getting on of those balls and i have never got to play with one is it really that cool? ( i got to feel it though xD)
The opinions on the ball are very polarizing. Most people think it swerves a lot, and travels a fair distance. Whether you think that's good or bad, it's up to you.

I would never shell out the amount of money required for a legit match ball, though. Find a sick deal, or get a replica: they're almost as good, really.

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the ball theyre gonna use is actually really annoying (in my opinion, of course). every time you hit it, it seems as though it swerves and swivels in the air, no matter how hard you try to keep it in a straight line. very tricky to hit, which makes it even harder for keepers, but i actually would not recommend it
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Hey thank you for your opinon i definantly want the ball to go striaght when i shoot it.
I picked up the World Cup Final ball (Jo'Bulani) off eBay for $60. It's probably gonna end up sitting in my room on display, but if you want one to play with, definitely go to eBay. If you are patient, you will be able to get one for around $60-$70...

I played with them in a game, and I noticed they do tend to fly 'longer' or carry, especially if it is a lofted cross field pass.

If you want a really nice ball, I recommend the Adidas Teamgeist II (Europass) or the Nike Omni.