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Are U a Sore Loser?

When you loose a game which of these phrases r u similar to?
1) blaming the faults on your teamates but not on u
2) being on such bad mood that you cant even start a discussion
3)doesn't matter it just a game
4)beat the hell out of your opponents that just beat u on the game
5)u shake your opponents hands with a smile on your face
6)dont care because your happy that u played great and the rest of your teamates sucked
7) you have tears in your eyes
mine its number 2
what about u guys?
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man i think everyone in a way is a sore loser because serious no1 is proud or happy to lose when i lose a soccer game i feel pist!!1 :evil: but i try not to show my effections to my teammates but ... i would say iam more like number 2 i jus get so pist no one can talk to me or i to them .. god i hate that feelin! :cry:

ur right kevin but some people blame it on theyre teammates i just chill and try to get some time alone lol but sometimes if we played a nice game i just act happy

key word: ACT
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I pondered what went wrong while walking in circles and arms on my hips. Shaking my head is a must.

No. 5 for me.

i usually get really red and dont talk to anyone. and im usually in a bad mood for the rest of the day. especially when its the provincials. i scored and they called handball but it touched my stomache then i shot it. and then 5 minutes later a lucky shot from them won the game and i was shocked. i wouldnt even talk.
number 2 for me.
great topic by the way
u should make one of the numbers cry like c ronaldo did in euro 2004
by the way i dont blame him it was a huge game and he tried so hard
KevinR9 Thanks Bruvva

*yung-ital* wrote:
u should make one of the numbers cry like c ronaldo did in euro 2004
by the way i dont blame him it was a huge game and he tried so hard

Jeff (CR17Ronaldo), wanna edit Ur post and add another number? He has a point.

I'm pretty much a 2 myself. I'll still shake all my opponents hands (unless they were a dirty team), but I can't talk without tears welling up in my eyes. I guess I wouldn't be that bad for losing a small game, but if I lose a big game I feel like sh*t.
i dont know about tears in the eyes.......but i'm a bad loser that will still shake hands and stuff. i tend to think that if i hav done my best and my team mates hav done their best and we still couldn't win then we deserved to lose. but if i feel i should hav done better or my team mates wern't trying i will be in a bad mood
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I'm more like a 2 or 1. I don't hide anything if a teammate sucked I'll tell him in his face. He gets more determined the next game.
actually to think about it, if its a rival team, which we lost to once, tears are in my eyes but i try not to let them go out
people say i have fire
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I'm always joyous when we win. If we lose to a dirty team or a very bad ref i get pissed. Other wise I'm keep myself cool on the pitch even if we lose. Once off the pitch my dad criticizes me a Hell of alot :evil: no matter if we win or lose so I just try not to pay attention. Number 3 for me
I am a little bit of 1, 2, and 5. When the game ends, I am calm and nice with teammates and opponents. However, on the drive home I can sometimes critisize my teammates on their mistakes. Meanwhile, I am in a horrible mood. After a while, I cool down, and then I heavily anylize my play in the game (my dad tapes my games,) and from that I try to learn what to improve on. All in all, I hate losing.

God damn brewery!!!

When I lose a game it depends what the game is and which team I play for.

If it's for one of my weaker teams, I'll probably be "Well I expected that and I'm not ashamed cause I played well"

If I'm playing on the better teams and lost to a really weak team, then I'll analyze what happened and find out what went wrong. But if I played well, then I might rant a bit at a few teammates. If I played shit, I'll apologize. That's the way how it goes.
i am a sore loser UNLESS, it was a very good match or i played well. one time i was in such a bad mood..this is kinda embarassing. i got into an argument with this girl that said i didnt know how to play. :oops: i was pissed anyway, that was just like the last straw. :evil: i played 100 times better than her(this was a co-ed rec game so i was the best one out there)
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not me...
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