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Recently, part of the EF community has migrated to the Soccer Shouts forums.

hey new to this site few q's?

hey every1 this site is pretty unreal i bet its helping out a lot of people with their football anyway...few q's
1. what was ur view on the whole italy v aus thing?
2.who will manage us over the next 2 years or even until the 2010 world cup?
3. which A-league club stands a chance to win it this year?
4. and last but not least....
D347H574R are u from bathurst? because u said that u live in a town where archie thompson grew up in...and well yeah he lived in bathurst
thanx guys
i dont think ull get too many replies, theres only a handful of aussies on here, but for 1, my view was that the defender made the biggest mistake of his life for going down on that tackle. for 2, idk i dont hear to much on australias manager position in america, and 3, sydney.
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yeah i know...sydney are always a good chance they hav so much money...thanx for the feedback though and u know that defender who gav away the penalty apparently barcelona are after him :shock: but he did hav a great world cup