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Discuss Adison's second video

What do you think about Adison's second freestyle video?

flair for the dramatic, I see.
it was ok
dont knwo what that was in the hand where u balanced it on ur hand
KevinR9 Thanks Bruvva

yeah its allright
.*.* .El club más grande en el mundo, los madrid reales serán De nuevo los Campeones europeos .*.*.

i liked the way the video was edited. but that was the only thing i liked about it.

you only have a few tricks, no combos, you messed up a lot, and you looked really awkward. guess somebody needs to practice.

but i liked how the whole video was edited and put together. i also liked how you had some nice ideas for your video like freestyling on the top of ur shed or something? :?

but you really need to practice.



yeah ur right
but i watched the video over again
and did anyone else notice what it says on the back of his shirt??
KevinR9 Thanks Bruvva

Yeah i liked how u did tricks on the roof of that shed, that was pretty cool. And yeah i did see what was on the back of ur shirt, kinda weird

needs abit more fluent moves was quite messy really.
this video are not so good+ you are 16years old and shell do better an that you do, i`m 13 and can better....you most training hard to be good on this...

work on,.