Nam the Man

What's the point of freestyle and who are the top freestylers around
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Nam the Man

Postby anhkhoashevakt » 31 Jul 2007, 04:28

I tried my best but I just can't find any topic about him so I think I'll post one.
What do you guys think about Nam the Man ? I think he has sweet style and very creative too :D . One of my faves (the other is Palle lol). He is also originated from my country, and is the reason why I began to freestyle. I like him alot but what do you think ? :?

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Postby ultimate_defender » 31 Jul 2007, 19:12

You pretty much summed it up. he's a great freestyler. very talented and very creative. In fact it's his creativity (in my opinion) that sets him apart from other freestylers. Every time i see a "nam the man" video he's doing something i haven't seen before.


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