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Re: Reply to Owen 4 ever

Postby Owen4ever » 23 Jul 2005, 23:17

NeoTheOne wrote:Hi Owen, your right that this is a forum and critic helps the people to improve their game but when someone like yung-ital gives me critic like that and laughs with my video's, that i don't have to take because i've seen his movie and he'd better look to improve his own style before laughing with someone else. I know that you have a lot of tricks and i respect your style so peace my friend...!!!!

Friendly greetz Neo 8)

thank you for being such a gentleman.

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Postby *yung-ital* » 24 Jul 2005, 02:27

have u seen my new demo? or just a movie from a long time ago. by the way, i wasnt laughing at ur video it was a funy comment that owen4ever made because usually he'll giove suggestions but all he said was dude u seriously need more moves. as for my clip, how long have u been freestyling? i remember u saying u didnt do an atw up until january. so from january and its almost august so thats about 8 monthes ill even give u seven if the days were off. and i can do the math. u have a neckstall and atw so thats about 1 move every 4 monthes average. ive been freestyling less then half the time u have, and i thnk u better take another look at my new demo,because i think i have a place to say something

so "greetz"

btw, i was the one who said that commenting would help with moves.
and u havent seen me play recently, and ill be sure to hurry up with my new video so u can see it
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Just wondering

Postby zemi07 » 28 Jul 2005, 03:44

What song did you use in the clip?

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Postby andymaclachlan94 » 24 Feb 2007, 23:53

you are alright but you need to try new things

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Postby rzadzinski » 25 Feb 2007, 00:43

Sorry to say, that's a pretty pointless point right now. The last post on this video was in July... :wink:
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Postby gnarlyjim » 25 Feb 2007, 01:59

rzadzinski wrote:Sorry to say, that's a pretty pointless point right now. The last post on this video was in July... :wink:

Rzadzinski's right. I know you're a new member, but before you post, check the date when the last post was made. It will appear right under the previous poster's name/avatar. Thanks man, and happy posting.

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Postby palimino » 10 May 2007, 16:32

very nice video... the moves were good and consistent. I enjoyed it alot.
learn a couple new moves and bust out some sweet combos.

Good luck!!!

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