ACN Wawa Aba Ball

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Postby Kaka666 » 30 Mar 2008, 06:58

this ball can officially be bought at if anyone wants to get it. I ordered a mini-ball version of this, just for keep-sakes, i dont want to play with it and scuff it up, just have it as memorabilia, i love this ball!
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Postby Carolan18 » 07 Jun 2008, 03:32

I just recived mine, It is a great ball. I have had the Teamgest World Cup ball and the last total 90 ball. I really do enjoy this one more. It has a great flight and its very controlable. I was initoinally affraid to play with the ball on anything but nice grass or turf but the colors really do last Ive now played with the ball on all surfaces except for the street (Hardwood court, Grass, Turf) for the last 5 days non stop and the colors havent faded abit.
I played with it in a match for the first time tonight, it rocked. We didnt have very good lights at our pitch and it was getting dark, but still I could see the ball very, very well. I suggested we bring it in at halftime (when it got darker) I pulled it out of my bag and kicked it to the goalie after a few tricks, He seemed to like it at first but after the match he talked to me about it, he said he sees why some of the keepers may have problems with it, he says it that it "tracks" odd in comparison to some of the other balls we have used but it would be easy to get used to, he says it has such a natural flight that he just wasnt used to it.He said that now he knows why I like it, its a attackers ball, it truelly is an attackers ball and a Great ball at that
Its highly recommed to any and all players

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Postby mint » 07 Jun 2008, 10:44

yeah this ball is good, i've had mine a few months now and its a bit worse for wear lol but it is very good i would reccomend getting it.
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