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Postby Alexio1092 » 18 Feb 2008, 07:51

Davidson9 wrote:old thread but Nwankwo Kanu has been linked with a move to the GCG

We won't be able to rake in the funds to purchase him, is he even in the first-string for Pompey these days? Who knocked 'em out of the FA Cup?

Sydney seemed to be able to claim Juninho for 1mill AUD barely, so I'm wondering what kind of strings GCG will be pulling for him? It'll be great to have a new "superpower" or "bling" side in the A-League, the Titans idea for League worked fairly well I believe, any other links for CGC you've heard of Davidson9?

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Postby Had2bHarry » 18 Feb 2008, 12:25

Are they really going to call this team Gold coast Galaxy? Its not very original.
On another note, there have been many bids to join the A-league with places like Wollongong, Geelong, western Sydney and a second Melbourne team have proposed entry. this is Northern Thunder on Fox sports
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Postby keller8 » 18 Feb 2008, 22:18

I hope GC get a team. Sunshine coast would be pretty cool too, but then the Roar would become Brisbane instead of Queensland.
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