New Champions League Final Ball

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New Champions League Final Ball

Postby Davidson9 » 18 Feb 2008, 01:17


This is the official Adidas match ball of the 2008 Champions League finals. In recent years, the European Cup final ball has been given an identity of its own with a unique logo, a design concept, and an overall theme.

The objective is to help promote the final and enhance the prestige of one of the world's biggest sporting events. The initial idea that inspired the creation of a new identity for each final was to develop a design with a distinctive flavor of the host city.

Features thermal bonding technology for a straight flight and minimal water uptake. For match play in all weather and field conditions.


Nice, but boring and uninventive, they should really have used the teamgeist 2 technology


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Postby soccer11 » 18 Feb 2008, 01:24

wow i actually love it. red and gold is a great color combo in my opinion

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Postby BGbeast23 » 18 Feb 2008, 01:46

The fading color transition is sweet. It's a nice ball to say the least. :D

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Postby crazyturtle91 » 07 Mar 2008, 16:16

My favorite colors are gold and red so Im going to get this ball right away.

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