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Discuss Hilmar's video

What do you think about Hilmar's backyard clip?

I'm not sure but I may have heard of this guy before..sounds familiar. Well I'm never really much a critic of videos..I just enjoy watching them unless they are packed with goals cause I only watch skills!
this guy's 13 right? it's pretty good for ur age. unedited can be either a good thing or a bad thing. in this case it was a bad thing. you messed up a lot. and try not to let it bounce before you catch it in between the legs. so ok touzani does it too but he makes it look stylish. another thing, ur way too one footed. juggling with only ur right makes ur freestyle look very awkward and uncomfortable. ur sit downs took too much time while you did very little. maybe some more moves variations and more combos. the ground moves looked nice but you didn't do much more of that after a while.



Hey, that's pretty nice, but Owen4ever has made a few good points. Those sit downs took too much time, and you were one footed. For a 13-year-old, he's pretty good. Overall, not bad :)
Nice tricks for a 13 years old. But I suggest to this guy that he definetly has to train his left foot to, I think that's even more important now before doing any new tricks (it really spoils a lot) ...

And yeah the name rings a bell to me to, I think I saw a clip of him on voetbaltruc or beyondfootball. That clip was even bether though ...
hey...your 13 ...and your dling pretty good...keep it up
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expert wrote:
What do you think about Hilmar's backyard clip?

:twisted: yer pretty good practise more on ya left n keep at it bro n youl get beta 4 sure. im outies l8a :D
m8 yer shyte so fukin get iht aff :o :oops: :lol:
Again, sorry to tell you that's a pretty pointless post, especially since this topic has been dead since june. Giving negative and stupid posts which are written in text speak makes you look like a retard, I hate to say it, but it does. Try and be positive and keep to the newer topics, and learn how to spell. :wink:
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that was completely pointless and you are not allowed to come in and call people crap. If i see another bad post from you i will contact expert. Seeing as you are the best freestyler in the world how about you send in a clip. Im sure your better.
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andymaclachlan94 wrote:
m8 yer shyte so fukin get iht aff :o :oops: :lol:

That's just a stupid post. No reason to post that. If you don't have constructive criticism, don't bother posting. Too many of those kinds of posts, and you're risking being banned :cry: . Be careful what you post man :shock: !