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Liverpool vs Arsenal

Wanderer wrote:
barcahooligan wrote:
After this kind of effort and display,Marco vanbasten should definetly take Kuyt for euro 08....

Your not serious rite.. :shock:

Arsenal deserved to win. I dislike Benitez even more after this type of 10 men behind the ball playin. Arsenal needs someone to put the ball in the net, and Adebayor needs to regrow his hair..Neway, heres hopin Arsenal wins the return leg 2-0..

He does need to regrow his hair I cant tell the difference between him and Toure anymore...

prob neither can his teammates..resulting in confusion when they're attacking..
lol imagine fabregas looking up and saying "Hey kolo, howd you get there? Where's Adde? I cant find him"

shahensha wrote:
lol imagine fabregas looking up and saying "Hey kolo, howd you get there? Where's Adde? I cant find him"


Seriously though, Arsenal should've won. I can't beleive Fabregas's shot was blocked. That pissed me right off. I think I was laughing and groaning at the same time. who blocked it anyay? Was it Senderos?
Mattsta-"There would be no point in freestyle if we knew all the tricks from the start. The fact that we had to practise to get them pays off because in the end we have earnt it."

on the line ? No it was that dane bentner! I've always loved him :wink:
I know eh, first the own goal against most hated rivals, then the scuffle with addebayor and now the blocked shot.

That fellow must be the most popular gunner on the block.

So today was part 2: I really liked they way we performed actually considering it was away. We really put arsenal under pressure in the first half. Crouch's goal was a very good finish from the good guy. He does amaze me something becuase he must be so low on confidence but yet he still pops up with the goals when needed.

Second half arsenal came out looking for the equaliser and got it through bendtner. It was a good powerful header but i think reina could have come for it or crouch could have made a bit more effort. After the goal things started to settle down and we brought on voronin. He showed how owrthless he was for us once again as he put an easy chance wide and another one soon after. Then on came torres with enough time to make an impact. He go behind the defence on a few occations and looked quite dangerious.

Overall as a liverpool supporter i felt we played as a team and one of our best recent displays. Much better than on wednesday but as i said this is a completely different game.


As for tuesday im glad rafa put out crouch to see what he did. I think with the combination of torres speed and finsihing ability aswell as crouch's physcial presence and first tounch we could have a dangerious combination, but who can predict a rafa line-up ?

Anyway thoughs about today and tuesday ?
I like how liverpool has hampered arsenal's hope for a league title and champs league glory all in the span of a week.

Unless ofcourse, Arsenal do the unthinkable in the final clash. Highly unlikely.

I have a feeling that Liverpool will perform a great match, but at the end, will be eliminated by the Arsenal, in what could be called "The tragedy of Anfield"
Your new so ill let that post slide. Your not in my good books. Just joking. Im heading out into the town to watch it on the big screen at 7:30. Thje atmosphere will be brill at anfield tonight.

Come on the pool. Torres and crouch will be deadly.
Liverpool !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What a game. Great drama, edge of the seat stuff. Im still buzzing like fuck! 4-2! Torres tick-a-boo son! Ill post a better review of it later while im more sobber.

You'll Never Walk Alone - Bring on the chelski scum!
zomg that was an orgasmic game!!! nvm thats kinda over-reacting but man I am so psyched right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11one!!1 :!: What a goal by Torres
On a different note everyone's pretty good with women when it comes to hookers... well except the sham-wow guy.


What a great game!!
Congratulations big Liverpool fans, you deserve the victory. Better times will come for the gunners.
You're freaking kidding me. I bet my dad a meal's price that Arsenal would win. :cry:

Liverpool take a bow. You have mercilessly shattered Arsenal's dreams of a League title and champions league glory in a span of one week. Marvelous.

That was a breathtaking game though. It had so many tense moments I was on the edge of my seat. That was a class encounter.

From the get go, Arsenal attacked relentlessly. Liverpool was thrown on the back foot. Their passes were shaky and often lead to turnovers. They werent even able to step out from their own half. Hell, Gerard, the captain, barely got to see the ball in the first 5 minutes of the game. Near the 10 minutes they had their first attempt of the game. I do remember him dribbling with the ball and getting muscled to the ground by an arsenal defender. As the captain fell to the ground with the defender, he still held on to the ball and passed it safely off to Kuyt. I expected a foul but nothing happened. Gerrard calmy got up and gave the other fallen player a clap on the back to acknowledge his effort.

In terms of posession, Liverpool had a little bit more than Arsenal but that definitely did not tell the tale of the first half hour. Arsenal, with excellent teamwork, passed the ball up to the target with swift precision. Goddamn, their one touch passes were too magnificent to watch. They were too quick.

The first goal was scored by Diaby who sailed to the middle from the right during an arsenal attack. Hleb got the ball. Fabregas made a run to get a pass, Hyppia followed. As a result, Diaby was gifted with huge space in front of his feet. Alonso went to sleep and Hleb sent Diaby running for a ball in the box. Diaby takes a shot and scored. Honestly, Reina should have covered that. He just panicked and immediately fell to his knees as soon as Diaby charged in to the danger zone.

All that in just a little over 10 minutes. I was shocked Arsenal drew first blood away at Anfield.

Surely enough, it took Gerrard a few minutes to get into the game. Hell, at one point, you could tell he was confounded, pacing back and forth in the center circle with a puzzled look on his face. He got into the game after a while, after making some bad decisions and giving away the ball quite a lot though. Had did have some nice shots on the goal.

Liverpool settled down and entered the game gradually. Made some connective passes around to threaten Arsenal's net.

Mascherano runs after every ball. He closes down everything. I swear he is like Wolverine. A short powerful fellow with a stocky structure and extremely quick feet. If he gets even a little sniff of the ball, believe you me, he will rip it apart from you. He slid in at the perfect moment to deny Arsenal's one touch passing strategy. He is pretty decent at passing the ball too.

Alonso usually sent long ball to the wings, further away from pressure to open space for a new direction on the attack.

Liverpool tied it up though, on a corner too. Funny eh? Both teams scored a header from the corner at home. This time it was Sami Hyppia targeting the ball to the far post, going over Fabregas, off the woodwork into the goal. Who the hell puts a short man on the post? It would have been avoided if Arsenal used someone tall to cover the post. Not Fabregas, he tiny yo.

Now the game was tied and the crowd was ecstatic. They expressed their emotions over every action of the game. From infuriated whistles to cheerful jubilations of praise. The Anfield crowd was behind the team throughout the game. It was unbelievable.

I observed that for a tall tree, Crouch has a sick touch. Dribbling may not be that great or his passes may be a bit off but his control is beyond par. Infact he uses his height to major advantage when a long ball is sent to him. He has a remarkably delicate touch on the ball with his head. His head! Goddamn. He just one touch passes it around to other teammates with a header. And whats astounding is its usually on target.

Hell it was his header that sent Torres on through to score the crucial winning goal that will send them on to yet another semi final in Champions league.

Torres didnt really see the ball in the first half but when he did he took on the defence making threatening runs to the goal. He was used on the right flank in the first half. That saw him sending in some crosses into the box after burning the defenders on the flanks. haha one cross hit clichy in the gut and you could tell he said "I'm fucked" when he was on the ground clutching his gut.

In the second half he was switched to the left and he absolutely humiliated the Arsenal defence. I am not lieing, he made Toure and Senderos look like school boy defenders. Cuts and fakes with sweet touch and blistering speed.

Near the final 20 mintues of the game, Arsenal were pressuring heavily. Fabregas takes a free kick and its deflected by Kuyt to the other half of the field. Crouch runs to the ball in the air and nicely touches it with his head on through to Torres inside the box. Torres was inside the box with his back to the goal................I began having flashbacks of the game against Inter. Oh shit! Senderos you are dead. Torres carefuly caresses the ball to his best foot, non shooting foot goes right beside the ball and he blasts the ball into the upper ninety. My word! That was a textbook finish! This kid is money!

Wenger decided it was to go heavy on the offensive. The gunners only needed a goal to tie the game up and head on through away goal rules. He brought in Van Persie and Theo Walcott.

Didnt really see anything from Van persie but the decision to bring on Walcott played dividends. The kid made a huge impact on the game as he stepped on the field. I must say he is starting to show potential and his money worth. How? He took the ball from his own third and charged up the field, beating Alonso, Hyppia, Mascherano and a couple more with lightning speed and excellent handles. He pulled it back for Addebayor to score. My God! What a play!

haha Addebayor got a bit excited, ran to the other side celebrating in madness completely forgetting Walcott deserves the real applause. He realized a bit later when most of the teammates ran to Theo to congratulate him on a champions league saving play from the youngster.

As they say though, "you are most vulnerable after you score a goal", Arsenal had to fall to the norms of the game as Babel caused alarm in Arsenal's back four as he made a threatening run into the box. He was tripped up in a collision with Toure for the ball and fell to the ground, which caused a very loud uproar in protest from the Anfield crowd. The ref awarded a penalty and Gerrard scored with a nicely placed kick to claw back into the race for European silverware. Heh, makes you ponder the significance of the 12th man eh?

Arsenal tried even harder now and sent everyone up. In stoppage time, they had a free kick, which was cleared away by Kuyt (Damn Kuyt again?!) to the other half of the field and Babel totally burned Fabregas with his pace and scored a goal to secure Liverpool's hopes of champions league glory and leave an unpleasing taste in Arsenal's mouth.

Brilliant game.