Bad luck at OLD TRAFFORD and the Road to Moscow

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Bad luck at OLD TRAFFORD and the Road to Moscow

Postby asimon2006 » 30 Apr 2008, 07:16

I congratulate Paul Scholes also part of the historic Man united team of 1998 Uefa Champions League that won everything that season. First off to say that T.Henry and Bojan Krkick should have came into the game. THe old enemy of Man United also one of my favorite strikers of all time came in the dying moments. I felt that Frenchman should;ve had the momentum going if he was part of the starting XI at the beginnining of the game. I also think that Leo Messi should have got a penalty in the last minute of the game. I also believe that in injury time when Evra was hurt their should have been five minutes. It took too damn long.

Since alll of this is over, if Man united plays Liverpool reds in the Final. Here is I want you to do I want C.Ronaldo scoring a free kick, a slammer jamma by Nani, a hardcore finish by Rooney and a laser from Tevez. So my May 21 wish is that 4-0 to beat the crap out of Liverpool. Unless Chelsea beat that ass tomorrow for sure.

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Postby Had2bHarry » 30 Apr 2008, 08:49

Actually it was 1999 when ManU won the treble.

Its a good opinion, but next time voice it in the Manchester United VS Barcelona thread.
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Postby powell » 30 Apr 2008, 17:04

yeh she's right, topic locked.

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