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Postby rzadzinski » 24 May 2008, 02:54

I think everyone including Van Der Sar would have to be out of their mind to say that when Edwin dove the wrong way and if JT hit the net, Manchester would have still won (obviously impossible for those who are a bit sluggish). :wink:
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Postby Croatianblood1 » 24 May 2008, 04:06

Its easy to say "What if.... happened" because hindsight is 20/20. Who know what could have happened. What if Lampard didn't score that goal at the end of the first half?? I think if he didn't that would have totally changed the course of the entire match.

And as for penalties, IMO they are somewhat of a fluke. Who would have guessed that golden boy Ronaldo would have missed his penalty kick? Who would have thought John Terry would be the player to slip and fall? Who would have guessed anyone would have slipped at all? You can take all this into account and it still doesn't matter. Man Utd are the champions and I don't like them at all but I can't deny they played well all season.

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Postby Real_Zidane » 25 May 2008, 00:06

The mark of a truly great team is even though they get outplayed, they still manage to win. Those games were vital to Man Utd's season and because of that reason they are champions of europe. :)

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Postby Hugh » 25 May 2008, 19:18

Real_Zidane wrote:The mark of a truly great team is even though they get outplayed, they still manage to win.

Really?? I thought it was that they won without any hassle.

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Postby fir_nev » 26 May 2008, 12:12

I thought Man U played well in the 1st half and should deserve to be 2-1 up from Tevez' header or Carrick's follow up. Chelsea dominated the 2nd half but I could not see them scoring actually. The two shots that hit the woodwork summed up how unlucky they were. Man U too should wrap the game up with Giggs' effort which Terry saved.

The penalty. I was praying very hard when Terry confidently came up to take the last kick (supposedly the winning penalty). I, too, saw the title fading until he slipped and the ball bounced off the post. And when van der Sar saved Anelka's kick, I was celebrating like mad at 5am in the morning.

I still think Man U was the better side. Just that they could not capitalise on the opportunities.

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