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trials for premier youth league are in october

can use give me some tips? like wat the coaches might like, what i have to be prepared from the players, how intense it is, what i have to know how to do, etc. that kind of stuff.

im tryin out for left wing, yeh u have to be fast i hear. im left footed, so i prolly get an adavantages.

i watch them on youtube and their pretty good in that league. i realy want to get into a team in that league so yeh.

and im 15 (16 nxt yr)

can u help me :)? i want be verry prepared, ive been workin on it but maybe use kud help me abit. ive been training pretty hard.

i know i can impress them but i aint consistent
The 3 things that coaches always looks for in a player trying out are
1) Your overall technique and control of the ball, how fast you can dribbble with it ad how well can you postionyourself without it, can you make smart runs etc.

2) your Attitude towards the game and towards the other players around you, are you encouraging them? are you confident yourself?

3) Your shot is an attribute that is really looked at and being a winger you ust have a really good cross or you have no shot

and remember always TALK, yell, scream for the ball show the desie that you want it, remember the loudest person on the field always appears like the best one becasue all attention is turned to him.
How did you find out when the trial dates are on and could you say which teams because i would like to know myself, would be mad if you could.
umm i dunno, i just emailed a club and they said trials are in october.

and to go to the website
what club was it
sydney olympic, awnser my emails on google to lol
Good luck buddy, you're probably going to need it. Make sure your WELL prepared, because Sydney Olympic are one of the best and most respected clubs in the country.
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thanks harry