Bungee training?

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Bungee training?

Postby Vistula » 25 Jul 2008, 16:25

Does anyone own one of those bongee cord tainers where you attach a ball on a bungee cord, place the device on the ground, and shoot/cross/pass, and then it comes staright back to you. I really one to get power power and accuracy so please help. I want to get one, but is it really worth it and if yes which company or brand or type should I buy?

I heard of Kick-Medic (commercial on FSC) but still hesitating. I was about to buy one at Model's for $10 but the cord was thin and corkscrew was was short. I looked like it would break after 5 shots.

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Postby flyhigh19 » 28 Jul 2008, 06:11

I honestly would not waste my money on those "training gimmicks". If you want to practice your power and accuracy, find a wall and just kick a ball at it. It is a much cheaper way and more effective way of getting better. If you can't find a wall, you can use a chain linked fence (except the ball doesn't come back to you, good for shots and crosses). However a fence is still better than the kick medic thing.

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