Nike 5 aside Futsal ball

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Nike 5 aside Futsal ball

Postby Crom » 14 Aug 2008, 06:29

Has anyone tried this ball out yet? ... AND=9&SS=1
I am in the market for a good ball to use on concrete and hard surfaces, and was curious to know if anyone has used this ball yet?

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futsal ball

Postby vansoccer » 15 Feb 2009, 08:48

Does anyone use a futsal ball in their futsal or indoor soccer? Can you recommend me a futsal ball? Thanks.

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Postby fourstar2 » 13 Mar 2009, 03:00

I have the Nike Rolinho its really good I use it to play on concrete and gym floors. I like it a lot but pumped up with a lot of air can make it heavy and hard, making headers a bitch. Maybe thats with all futsals though. I would recommend it

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