How can we find real footballs for cheap?

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How can we find real footballs for cheap?

Postby benjaminskennedy » 14 Sep 2008, 21:39

I want to practice with good balls but I don't have 130 dollars to spend on good balls? Or if they are cheaper how would one know if the ball is real? Anyone know where to get some good balls really cheap? I have a account but I don't know how to tell if which balls are good or not. Thanks for your help!

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Postby mrbeankid22 » 14 Sep 2008, 22:25

Usually most balls listed under 'premium match ball's' on are the best. The Adidas Finale and Teamgeist I and II are great balls, aswell as the Nike Total 90 Aerow. Haven't played with the new Nike Omni though so I'm not sure about that. If you want a decent 'premium' ball, try the v1.06 Puma one, it's around $50. Or look on ebay, there are usually brand new Aerows and Teamgeists for around $50-80.

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