Does bigger soccer balls weaken ur skills ?

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Does bigger soccer balls weaken ur skills ?

Postby Ajimal » 16 Oct 2008, 12:07

I have a question, Does bigger soccer balls weaken ur skills ?
For example, I used to use a size 4 soccer ball but now i use a size 5 soccer ball. But after going through this forum i realised that smaller soccer balls are more efficient in improving ur skills. Now im afraid that my size 5 soccer ball might weaken me. Is my nightmare going to be true?

Btw, soccer ball sounds more appropriate for me. Football makes me think that this forum is for the sport named "Football"... I hope u understand what i mean. :D

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Postby mint » 16 Oct 2008, 14:59

no it wont "weaken" your skills as you say, they do help yes but if you want to use a size 5 or 4 ball thats fine and your skills wont get worse. i do use a size one ball for practicing dribbling in my room but i also use a size 5 a lot more for shooting, juggling etc because all said and done but in a match you use a size 5 football/soccer ball so use a size 5 more then a smaller say size one ball.

you dont even have to use a size one its up to you at the end of the day, smaller skill balls dont work for everyone.

btw welcome to expert football. 8)
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