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Marseille vs Atletico de Madrid threats

Marseille fans have send a threat by email to kill 8 atletico de madrid fans in next weeks game: Olympique vs Atletico de madrid. They say this is in revenge for the arrest of Marseille fan, Santos Mirassiera. He will probably be arrested for 8 years, (8 people will be killed for each year), his trial is on wednsday. He was arrested for public disorder and agresive behavior towards authority. The colchoneros have taken this very seriously and have not requested any tickets for the game from marseille. They aslo told everybody to not go to the game for their own safety

i think they took it to far with this..... they crossed the line is this what they call sport?????
what the fuck are the marseille fans thinking, thats just crazy, if he gets locked up for 8 years thats his fault, he shouldn't have done what he did. the marseille fans who are behind this threat should get arrested themselves for causing so much panic.
i was made to ignite

marseille fans are a joke. Plain and simple. Easy solution, step up secutery in and around stadium parts to minimise it. If this thing does happen, kick marseille out of the uefa, put a stadium ban on them for a few games and ban them from europe for a period of time along with a gefty fine.
Wow, thats a lil over the top decision ain't it powell? Hope thats exaggerated..

neoExodus wrote:
Wow, thats a lil over the top decision ain't it powell? Hope thats exaggerated..

why they have done it to other clubs in past, why make the punishments different for different clubs.

A simlar thing happened to english clubs a while back, not exactley the same. Also why not ban them if they're fans are going to kill people ? They're fans, their responsidility on match night especially if its in the actually stadium with the violence.

Also they need to do the right thing and fight for hes release if they wish but in a harmful way.

Ever heard of micheal shields ? If u havent well read about his case. And what lfc supporters did instead of killing people for it. Thats the right way about it.
I actually thought powell's idea was too lenient. I would make them play infront of an empty stadium but that's probably just me.