Summer Soccer

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Summer Soccer

Postby Grey » 07 Dec 2008, 07:24

Yeah hey guys i'm an average player looking to improve my skills during the summer, i already play futsal on friday nights, now i want to do something more like summer outdoor... does anyone know if they run summer outdoor soccer for average players like me? thanks

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Postby panchester07 » 09 Dec 2008, 21:51

where you from? where im from, theres like 10 short sided (4 v 4 5v5 7v7) games in my own neighborhood.. i recommend this as this is how many of the professional players are formed.. if you dont find any, do some drills on your own.. but playing a game and scrimmage will help you 3 times more!.. so maybe like playing futsal everyday not only friday nights.. i did futsal everyday twice a day (from 12 to 1, and from 4-6), and took 100 shots a day for 3 month (summerbreak), and when i came to america i made varsity beeing 14 years old of age, and also all league player..

do some fitness.. go to the gym or follow the nike boot camp thing.. you should be fine...
just play play play and play

you prolly are from the suthern hemisphere as summer is starting right now.. i dont think youll have any problems finding scrimmages

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