Total 90 Omni EPL review....

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Total 90 Omni EPL review....

Postby TorresEsque » 17 Dec 2008, 21:36

So i break this ball out of the box, and the first thing that I notice is that it looks oh so beautiful. I didn't want to let it touch the ground, juggle it, or kick it around. I wanted to buy a platform for it and just put it on display it was so beautiful.

The ball wasnt even pumped up at this point.

So coming back from the university for Christmas break, I realized I forgot my ball pump. I called my friend and he let me borrow his. After pumping it up fully, I realized that I am dealing with one of, if not the best ball ever to be made. Maybe this is because I've never owned a premium match ball haha.

Today I got so eager that I just went to the field and took about 50 shots from about 20-40 yards. Going with all instep drives, I noticed that this ball doesn't believe in air resistance. No matter how much spin was on the ball, it sliced through the hair like a hot knife through butter. Don't even get me started if you put the perfect instep on the ball.

Getting the ball to knuckle doesnt even require a perfect instep with this ball, but with the perfect instep, this ball is moving places. I had shots that were perfect insteps that looked like they were just slightly left of target just cut back in last second, right off the inside post and into the right side-net. I had a couple shots that put swerve on the ball, and it had more swerve that I thought was ever capable. People on the other side of the field probably looked at me like i was an idiot cause I would just stand dumbfounded as the ball did something that shocked me.

Plus, I beat the crap out of this ball and there are 0 marks. Love it.

Rating: 6/5


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Postby jonpollock » 17 Dec 2008, 22:48

i have the new yellow ball, ive used two weeks in a row and its stripping my vapors, the little white lines at the front of my green sls seems to be rubbing off, yet ive used both my orange and green sls with my crappy cheap white nike ball loads of times and nothing ever happened.

this has to of happened to someone else, cant of just been me.

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