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local club to premier league?

is it possible from goin to local non competive soccer to the nsw premier youth league?

im training 3-4hrs a day eveyday
im determined im goin to start a fitness schedule next week
premier league trials is in october

im playin club nxt yr

p.s i dident make div1 youth :(
I would say it possible. What a man can conceive and believe, it can achieve. So really it's up to youself. Are you ready to practice persistanty until you can do your skills without looking, and then practice some more?

It's all about how much you really want this. If you have mindset that you will never stop training, even how small the chanse may seem, even how long time it will take. Then you will succed.
i am u trust me

im so tired in the sun but i just want to prove every1 wrong because they tell me "ur crap" and "if u cant make div 1 how the hell are u goin to make prem league" and "just give up bro, go bak to club"
Check out your nick, it may help you. :wink:

First how old are you?

Are you saying that you cannot make your div 1 local side or......?

What is the club side you are playing for now?

What team were you wanting to play for?

After these questions are answered is when I will answer you.

(Sorry if i sound like some kung fu master)
im 15
i dident make my div1 youth trial

im hoping to play for syd olympic if i make it in october.
Your 15 I wish I took full advantage of my abilities at 15 now I just turned 17 a few days ago and live around you and am stuck for a club, not because Im no good but the people who play and the options for clubs and something that I love can absolutely suck sometimes and I know how you feel.

But I applaud you man, the past few years I have improved pretty well with my abilities, and I only kick a ball around about half an hour a day. 3-4 hours will help you a lot. I don’t know who the hell you are or what you are capable of but I have the utmost confidence in you to do well, and even make Sydney Olympic. You’ve got a few chances so good luck.

I know a few people who play prems. They are very good but half decent people can make that level with heaps of practice.

I wanna be a pro and am starting to train harder these days. Im still looking for answers and my pro chances are dying by the day.

One more thing. The Prem players I know played one season of super league, and apparently doing that gives you a really good chance at getting into prems.

I really like hearing of motivation like yours. Keep it up and I reckon you could really make it.

Good Luck man

Ps. I still don’t know what you mean by div 1 youth, is that div 1 club level or div 1 reps??
div 1 reps

club-premier league? has any1 ever done it? if not ill try to be the 1st to do it.

and if i do make it to prem league i will go bak to both of those div1 rep teams and trial their and wen i make it ill say go f*** urselfs u dident want me last year!
I know a guy who went straight from club to Premier League. Playing div 1 youth and super youth of course is the best way to get up to premier league but if you practice and are good enough you can make it straight to premier. You have to be very good, and it is not easy to get a place. You have to prove to them that you are better than the players that they already have, and better than any others that want a place. Remember people like Tim Cahill and Brett Emerton played for Sydney Olympic, so thats the standard you would need to be at. Definitely try and train as much as possible, but if you dont make it remember to try lower leagues still, any of those teams are good. Good luck mate.
Who does he play for-? How old is he? Did he work hard
He is like 16 now, did it when he was u15s. I forgot what club he played for, but trialled straight for APIA i think it was made it in. He was a good player not heaps skilled though, he was heaps fit though and real strong. He didnt tell me more than that but he must have worked pretty hard.
i tell myself im not settling for super or development, the only thing thats on my mind is premier league and premier league only!.

im training hard! for premier league not super not development plain simply premier league.

ill do watever it takes to play! what shud i do just train?
The most important thing is that you play not because you have to because you want to go to premier leauge. It is because you love so much too take on your football boots and play football with your friends.

If you ask any pro player he will probably answer you that the most important thing to be succsesful in football is to do it because you love to play, and that you need to have belief in yourself.

I think you already love to play football, but if you train just for the reason you want to go to premier leauge, you won't go far.
i love to play soccer.
when we play small sided games in training i just wish it goes forever i love it!!!

and i want to train and play with great players.

i want to be the best im so competitive! thats why i train- love for the game and to be the best! to improve, to love it even more!
I think you have a very good attitude. You know what you really desire, and you do desire it very much! It seems for me that there isn't anything more desireable then this, and that is very good!

Desire is the first step to succes. I have a good tip. Write your goal as you already have it. For example: "I love that I am playing good soccer on the premier youth league" or something like that. Write it on a card and have it wherever you go. Whenever you have the chance read at the card and really feel like you are playing there. This will give you huge motivation to practice even more.