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Postby chicagofirefan » 14 Apr 2009, 19:46

Well the EF Twitter hasent had that many Followers (15), so new idea.

Every Week there will be atleast 5 Match Casts for the weeks top games. Currently i am doing it for the Chelsea-Liverpool and Barca-Bayern, Check it out!

Will include Goals, Cards, and other info about the match LIVE :D :D

Great for people who are on the go, (Lots of Twitter Apps for iPod, iPhone, etc.) Please Check it out. I will be posting on here the matchs that will have match casts.

Now if only this could become Official and there could be a link to it Next to...

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Postby Rome_Leader » 14 Apr 2009, 20:43

That match was fu**ing insane. Good and all we are going through, and a thrill to watch, but I'm pissed with Cech. He could very well have let in 8. We need to sew things up at the back if we expect to win it. How did the other game carry on?

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