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UEFA Champions League & Europa League | 2009-10

Well Liverpool are out.. maybe they can finally focus on the league now. Interesting to see Bordeaux mix it up and beat Juve. Wasn't too surprised to see Manchester United fall to Besiktas with the squad Sir Alex fielded.

Arsenal through as expected, I am happy although it was probably one of the easiest groups. Last weeks league loss to Sunderland still leaves a bitter taste in my mouth though.
WOO! Inter in the last 16! Maybe they can finally pick it up and actually play to their potential (BTW, anyone who believes the Inter on display against Barcelona or Juve was the real Inter clearly does not know them.)
Round of 16 Teams:
FC Girondins de Bordeaux (FRA)
FC Bayern München (GER)
Manchester United FC (ENG)
Real Madrid CF (ESP)
AC Milan (ITA)
Chelsea FC (ENG)
FC Porto (POR)
ACF Fiorentina (ITA)
Olympique Lyonnais (FRA)
FC Barcelona (ESP)
FC Internazionale Milano (ITA)
Sevilla FC (ESP)
VfB Stuttgart (GER)
Arsenal FC (ENG)

Moving to 3rd Round Europa League:
Juventus (ITA)
VfL Wolfsburg (GER)
Olympique de Marseille (FRA)
Club Atlético de Madrid (ESP)
Liverpool FC (ENG)
FC Rubin Kazan (RUS)
FC Unirea Urziceni (ROM)
R. Standard de Liège (BEL)

The Draws for the Second Round will be on Friday (Dec. 18th), will update the post then.
Im betting on a Man U Barcelona final if they don't meet sooner.

Im also betting that Man U win it this year, depending on who they buy in january. Will still be an amazing match between the two best teams in the world though.
A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

Perhaps not, Chelsea vs Barcelona seems more likely

I am secretly hoping for a Madrid vs Barca final mostly because of the venue of the final being in the bernabeu

To be fair neither Man U or Barca are what they were last year. I'm seeing Chelsea in the final this year, and not just because I'm a fan (I kind of knew they wouldn't make it last year when they got barca in the semi's) but other then that I think anythings possible.
It is true Barcelona are not what they were last year but thats only marginally so. They emerged group leaders in the "group of death". It was a group full of champions, each turning out to be a difficult encounter. Hell, the fact that all teams were in contention to qualify through to the knockout round on the last day, proves that this was an actual "group of death."

When the critical moments came, Pep has pulled the team through all the while staying true to his approach to the game. The game yesterday was an example. It was a must win to ensure leadership of the group and to come from behind facing a defensive Kiev in their territory while playing possession football. The two times Barcelona had faced Kiev away before yesterday ended up in a loss.

The only negative from that delighful victory was Ibrahimovich's lackadaiscial approach to the game. Granted he has excellent touch and ability to score goals but he tries way too many fancy moves when the gameplan is simple football. Random no look 1-2s and flicks into the box.
His laziness forced Pep to move Messi to the centre, where the argentine just wreaked havoc dribbling around like a maniac. Kiev defenders would hack his legs but he would still continue dribbling. He picked up an injury late in the game so wait thats two negatives. Damn Ibra, focus fool!

Henry didnt play yesterday but his age has clearly caught up to him, especially consdering the desire to win it all has gone. These two are the only loose gears in the bulldozer that Barcelona was last year.

You have to remember that is Zlatan. He's always been that way and no coach is gonna change that. But before you complain and call him a loose gear remember he's your leading scorer, and is only 1 assist behind Messi and Xavi with less games than both. Plus he's the type of player that can (and will) save Barca from defeat in the last minutes with a goal that doesn't even seem logical.

I think both teams are capible of making the final, but I leave almost no chance of both teams making it (lamest terms: One might, both won't).
(lamest terms: One might, both won't).

I agree but naw brown, i dont think your insight is lame at all lol

Lets be honest, we all know Barca miss eto'o, the "group of death" my arse, compared to barca last season Rubin and Kiev would be regarded as the european rejects they are, they only "went to the last game" because inter and barca are so slack. Its very DISTURBING to see the standard of football go DOWN during a world cup year, maybe its the money threse days but who knows :?

People who say something cannot be done are often surprised by others doing it.

I find it sad that Inter miss Ibra and Barca miss Eto'o. Ibrahimovic was never really meant to be a main striker, so in a way he's being played out of position. He's a supporting striker, but because of his size and his ability to do absolutely everything in attack, coaches started playing him as a centre forward. Shahensha, I believe you've said this before, it is very common to see Ibrahimovic perfectly control a long-ball, beat the entire defence, but miss the 1v1 with the keeper. Because that's not his game, any top class player should be able to score the easy chances he misses, but his game is to control the ball then pass it off to someone else and hope that person can score. Notice how perfect his through-balls are. That's why.
I've always believed that Ibra and Henry should switch positions. Ibra can dribble and pass while Henry is fast and can finish. That is how Barca become better than last year.
At least Ibra is doing better than Benzema...but we have Higuain so it's ok :D
On a different note everyone's pretty good with women when it comes to hookers... well except the sham-wow guy.


Mr_Dude, you are aware you're talking about barca's current top scorer and Inters top scorer the past... (I can't remember exactly) years, and I'm pretty sure (didn't follow) Juve's before that, and Ajax (once again just pretty sure) before that...
Mr_Dude, you are aware you're talking about barca's current top scorer and Inters top scorer the past... (I can't remember exactly) years, and I'm pretty sure (didn't follow) Juve's before that, and Ajax (once again just pretty sure) before that...

Yep, Inter's top scorer every year he was there (3 years, 17 goals for the first 2 years and 25 last year), and I think Juve and Ajax top scorer as well. Still doesn't make him a natural main striker. He's still a second striker, a high-scoring second striker, but a second striker nonetheless. Look at his qualities, good dribbler, good passer, misses easy chances, scores out of nowhere, and a lot of times at Inter he'd take the ball out to the wings, hold it for a bit, then cut into the box and look for a shot/pass. A few more stats, his first year at Inter, he partnered Crespo (clinical finisher) in attack, Ibra got 17 goals, Crespo got 15. Second year, he partnered Cruz (clinical finisher), Ibra got 17, Cruz got 14 I think; Ibra got injured, Cruz's form dropped and he stopped scoring. Third year, Ibra wasn't given a clinical partner, and while he scored 25, no one else on Inter managed to hit 10 goals (I think the highest after Ibra was 6 or 7 goals). And notice that the first thing Inter did at the end of last season was sign Milito (clinical) to partner Ibra.
He's basically the bigger, lazier version of Messi. Messi was top scorer in the Champion's League last season, and I'm not sure but wasn't he also Barça's overall top scorer? If he wasn't top scorer he was pretty high up there. But would it be right to say that even though he scored a lot, he was the main striker and not Eto'o?
Just wanted to get that out there.
I agree with you about his passing and ability to set up other players, I was more refering to this part

but his game is to control the ball then pass it off to someone else and hope that person can score
He may be good at setting other players up, but like any forward his main job (and goal) is to score. When he scores a backheel volley it makes headlines, but you don't hear about the other 14 simple goals before that, which even if you see you quickly forget.