whats good ball for groundmoves and juggling tricks?

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whats good ball for groundmoves and juggling tricks?

Postby DismembermenT » 30 Sep 2009, 22:07

so i have a calle and no one really likes useing says its not a good ball i disagree but i always end up playing with a size 5 with hardly any air or way to much air. its alot harder to do some ground moves.

just wondering cuz im bout due for a new outdoor football

what do most street guys in holland use

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Postby Rome_Leader » 30 Sep 2009, 23:59

Mitre balls are pretty durable and good for street football. They'll last a while, and are of a good price. Nike manufactures a street ball too, but you might have to pay top dollar. adidas also has some cheaper balls that you might be able to get at outlet stores that work awesome.

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Postby Pichichi » 01 Oct 2009, 00:10

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