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What is something you wish you had, but can't have?

Buzz kill:

--I must be a terrible person because I couldn't stop laughing.
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Sweet find! Its funny and sad at the same time
erm...wats sad in that?
Wanderer wrote:
erm...wats sad in that?

The wish parents are still alive one.
i was made to ignite

what the fuck is funny is the real question
the fact that it is included with a bunch of stupid wishes before it...

thats hilarious great humor!!!! :D :lol:

on a side note.. what does swagger mean?
An arrogant style of walk that says "i am untouchable and you are hooked on my i dont give a fuck look"

If you honestly find this funny then you have the dryest and sickest sense of humour possible.

Do you honestly say "i think im gonna go for a Swagger to the shop"? lmao.
Swagger does not mean arrogant walking rofl. Swagger is when someone is confident about themself in all things they do like talking, their actions, talking to girls...things like that.
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