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Champions League Quarter/Semi final Draw


I donn't see messi doing that? lol
lol he doesnt need to when he can just dribble into the box from 40 yards out

then ronaldo dosen't need to dribble because he can shoot from 40 yards out.
They are not all accurate though. Messi can shoot from distance too but he wants an assured goal

Did you watch the recent game against sporting gijon? Cronaldo was putting up a clinic on how to take the most pointless shots from the most pointless positions.

Cristiano Ronaldo just shoots from outside the box whenever he can. And well, you use the "nice shoes, wanna fuck" line on 20 girls, it's bound to work at least once.

He had 8 shots in the Lyon (0-1) game from outside the box, if Im not mistaken. Non of them went in. Messi 2 dribbles, 1 goal 1 penalty. (Zaragoza)

On a serious note tho, yeh they hav different styles, but I jz reckon Messi's more productive and efficient.
Kasaki wrote:

I donn't see messi doing that? lol

To be honest he pulled that out of his ass. He just fired the ball on net and he hit it well. Fantastic goal, no doubt but a goal like that is too difficult to repeat.



Messi will have more fans than Cronaldo on a football forum because of his demeanor and behavior. It's a lot harder for a football purist to be a fan of Cronaldo (unless you support his team). Also, Messi is currently in a system that is developed that he is used to while cr9 is in a work in progress with Madrid.
I don't respect cronaldo, I respect Messi.
I'm biased, but I feel he's more of a natural talent that is full of class. I view cr9 as a great player (second best in the world currently) that can strike fear in opposition, but not the same footballing magician that Messi is. His best qualities for me are undescribable. cronaldo's: shooting, stepovers, speed.
hehe just an opinion, not looking to start an argument, I'm sure others can express their opinions more eloquently.
*end rant*
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I guess people dont appreciate Cronaldo's "attention whore" attitude, whereas Messi is a quiet, reserved fellow who tries to stay away from attention.

Then he does this and I question his personality:
http://footballblips.dailyradar.com/vid ... ead-funny/

lol then again I guess the guy deserved it.

the slap in the head was nothing malicious, just a tap tbh.
i was made to ignite

the slap in the head was nothing malicious, just a tap tbh.

Yeah I think its clear he was making a joke.. Obviously not slapping a person, not even when he gets cleated in the knee by a angry defender will he get agressive, he obviously was teasing the guy.. Haha that was some hilarious shit, exactly my type of sense of humor... I do things like this all the time.. Speaking of sense of humor, you know which player has a smile on his face all the time and is always joking around? .. Henry, he is like the funny one isn't he?
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All this Messi love kind of reminds me of what was going on about 3 or 4 years ago with Gerrard. Everyone loved him and he was pretty much the golden boy; he could do no wrong, until he started hitting DJs over the head with bottles that is :P I don't see Messi going down that road though. He seems like he has a pretty good head on his shoulders.

soccer11 wrote:
He seems like he has a pretty good head on his shoulders.

moooo.... :D
People hate Ronaldo more because of his attitude. Ability wise i think Ronaldo is by far the greatest player in the world since players like cruyff, best, maradona and pele.

Thats a hell of a statement, but when you see the things the kid can do, he hasn't got the best attitude by a donkeys mile, and many people think he fucks around too much with his tricks and show boating, but i think thats why hes so entertaining, its more a case of people love to hate ronaldo than actually hating him, he comes across as the bad guy to alot of people. Off the pitch i don't really know how messi handles himself but i do know that Ronaldo done alot of charity work going to help young footballers and teach them when he was in manchester and i suspect he still does the same thing in Madrid.

In terms of the Messi goal, yes it was good, but to say Ronaldo can't score goals like that is ignorant, for one it was poor defending making it easier for messi, but Ronaldo has scored many goals like that..


That goal was against significantly harder opposition in my opinion and he done all the work on himself, picking up the ball inside is own half, beating 2 players, cutting inside and beating another one before rifling the ball into the bottom corner giving the keeper no chance. You can argue that im biased, but i think most people will admit thats a much better dribble and goal than what messi scored.

I know messi has scored goals dribbling past many players like the getafe one, but Ronaldo has also scored alot more from distance, and alot more freekicks. Their two different players, Ronaldo can dribble past players and score when he needs to, but he also can rifle the ball into the back of the net from rediculous distances. Messi on the other hand cannot shoot very well from distance. Be careful now, i mean not very well compared to ronaldo, ronaldo scores from outside 30 yards often, with both feet, unbelievable power and accuracy.

Id like to point out, how the hell can you say hes not accurate? he scores loads of freekicks, he scores loads from distance, and this season i can only think of one time that he has not scored from a one on one situation, Messi on the other hand misses one on ones a hell of a lot more and rarely even shoots from distance, nevermind scores.

I can't be bothered to look up statistics right now, but on another topic i brought up that although Ronaldo takes on alot more shots than Messi, his shots on target in a much higher percentage than Messi's and his goals per shot ratio is much higher than Messis, when you factor in that Ronaldo also takes on alot harder shots than messi, often from over 20 yards out, that means a hell of a lot.

Enough bummage of one player, im just trying to even things up, i hate when people try to compare different players like this, in my opinion both of them are brilliant and both of them are world class, i enjoy watching both of them and i can't wait till the world cup to see what delightful football both of them produce. It really is pathetic when people start taking sides and insulting other players which they have never and probably will never meet. Enjoy all footballers and their talent, and its fine to have a preference, but don't go around saying someone else is shit or has a bad attitude.

I personally think that Ronaldinho is the best player in the world, he just isn't in shape/form. Hopefully he'll get back in shape.
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Talk about poor defending :lol: Messi actually beat players wheras with that Ronaldo goal the defender beat himself the second he didnt show ronaldo outside.

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The first defender got into a position where the ball wasn't undercontrol, thats poor at that level of football, then he got pushed off the ball by Messi, thats even worse, then the second defender lunged in 200mph instead of trying to stand Messi up, thats a no no for any player, nevermind a good dribbler like Messi.

Ronaldo went past 4 players who were defending much better, Messi went past 2, beating one twice. Ronaldos defenders were much better, they were trying to stand him up and jockey him, he also had more players running at him putting pressure on him and he ran alot further with the ball, finally he scored from further out. Look at it any way you want to but Ronaldos goal is more difficult.

In terms of showing him inside, think about it. Ronaldo is not out on the wings, he is much further in than that by the team he reachs that defender, pause the video where he meets the defender, you will see that if the defender shows him outside, that would let ronaldo into the box and almost certainly score if he shoots or picks out a square pass. The defender does the right thing by trying to stand him up and wait for support behind him, when he does, Ronaldo cuts inside beating him and his cover, thats more difficult in my opinion, i would rather have Messis chance than Ronaldo because Ronaldo beats two players at once, Messi beats one, beats one, beats the same one and shoots, Ronaldo beats one and his support, runs forwards and beats another two before shooting and scoring.
A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.