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Champions League Final

Who will be crowned the champions of Europe on the 22nd of May?
Poll ended at 20 May 2010, 23:00
FC Internazionale  59%  (10 votes)
FC Bayern Munchen  41%  (7 votes)
This is the thread to discuss everything about the Champions league final in Madrid betwen Bayern and Inter three weeks today. I'm looking forward to it already.

Inter or Bayern.


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Inter wins it all.. Its my prediction, and its also what I'm hoping for..

Its gonna be a bit more complicated than at seems, but Inter will win.
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If Olic continues his goal scoring form I can see Bayern winning this match.

the thing with Olic - imo - is that he isn't a man that would put the team on his shoulders.. He is the guy that plays well if the team plays well, but if the team isn't playing their football, he would dissapear.. and trust me, Mourinho wont let Bayern play their game, Ferguson let Bayern play to find out later that he understimated the germans.. Mourinho will come out to play his italian football, and Olic wont probably have the periods of 20-30 minutes of Bayern constant attack, in which he is bound to score..

He is a great player, but I dont see him doing much in the final, though thats only my opinion.
to know Him is to want to know Him more"

"i don't know where the limit is, but I know where it is not"

Tocar y moverse y tratarla siempre muy muy bien..'

arjen robbem & co. can finish inter


I will be rooting for Bayern because I am a closet Roma fan and don't want to see Inter lift another trophy this year.

But I have no idea who will actually win. I abstain from voting.
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I think Inter will win it. Provided Balotelli do not screw it. :wink:

I think Bayern will give it a good go because it's a very long time since they've made it this far, but you could say the same for Inter.

I suspect Inter will win, but you never know, anything can happen in a champions league final, I just pray it's not a repeat of last year when one team turns up the the other might as well have brought the reserves.
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The Special One can pull it off...

Which is why he is called The Special One.

he is called the special one because he named himself that and the press went with it. He's also known for it because he can pull off magic with his tactics.
Lol i swear Robben and Sneijder are like twins they look almost the same, both just left Real Madrid and are now in the Champions league Final and are both a big contribution to their team I would say Real Madrid lost out rather then gained with all their buys.

and their both baldd :D
After beating a team like Barca, Inter is capable of anything. No reason why they, with their momentum and talent as a team, shouldn't take this one.

Also, they have Jose and his craziness.

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Holy tits, I just realized that Inter has an amazing chance of getting a treble. They can potentially win the league over roma, they are in the copa italia final against roma and the champions league final against Bayern.

I see no reason why Inter won't win Champs league this season considering their whole defensive line is comprised of first team Brazilian-Argentinian players.Also,To Inter's advantage,Bayern's defense is shitty. (Do not get me wrong,Lahm and buyten are good at going forwards but at back they suck along with demichellis).