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Juggling technique?

What is the propet techniwur for juggling, i use both feet with little tap juggles with the top of my toes, i can get to 600 this way but i feel like it doesnt bennefit my control this way, it almost feels like " cheating"

There isn't a "right" way to juggle. However, there are certain methods that help more than others.

Try juggling with your instep more (laces). In order to get the ball to stay near you, add a little back spin on each touch. Aim for a height around knee level.

Once you get the hang of it, use the juggle-volley drill I explained in your other post:
http://www.expertfootball.com/forum/vie ... hp?t=16778

Another drill is to knock it up to the opposite thigh. Allow the ball to just lightly touch your thigh (almost skimming off downwards towards your feet). Use both legs and feet.
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