Icys Freestyle Stint

What's the point of freestyle and who are the top freestylers around
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Icys Freestyle Stint

Postby Icy » 16 May 2010, 23:03

So, while "practicing" (light technique work) today I had a challenge for myself I'd like to do before leaving for the UK (Europe in general). I've decided to sign up for my counties annual talent show. This will push my date for leaving to august 5th, but in that extra time it'll allow me to accomplish a lot that I haven't quite been able to yet.

Frankly I haven't actually practiced freestyling in a good 1.5 years and I'm piss poor right now. :lol: Regardless it sounds like a fun challenge for myself. The practicing for this will be in addition to my skill training and if one of them starts slacking freestyling will be pushed to the back burner.

Just wanted to start this post to keep track of how it's going and get feedback when I post videos. I'll try to get a video up of my starting point just to see how far someone (well, I) can go in 2.5 months.
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Postby panchester07 » 17 May 2010, 00:13

Thats a move I never would have done. But its absolutely your life and you know how to manage it best ;).

Good luck mate. Just be careful not to let other skills rust by spending more time on freestyle.
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