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Recently, part of the EF community has migrated to the Soccer Shouts forums.


Insidesoccer was a very good learning site for me, until i went on it yesterday. I noticed that they updated it which i at first thoght was a good thing, but then i soon found out that you now have to subscribe and pay for most of their videos and that made me really mad. Also i saw that they added a new video messi learning you to beat an opponent at soeed and shoot so if there are any insidesoccer members out there please post that video i Reallllly need to see it.
ya i checked it out a few days ago. it sucks you have to pay now because it was such a useful site. i signed up for the free account, which says there are 50+ videos available to you, but i couldn't find any of them.
Just to let you know, I've given the blog a massive re-design. In my opinion it looks much better know. :evil: :cry: :oops: hmmmm wow cool.....................

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