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Discuss Franboydhino

What do you think about Franboy's video Franboydhino?

hey not bad, but keep practicing and you'll be really good in no time :D

One superstar, C.Ronaldo, plus one genie, Ronaldinho.

keep practicing. you'll be half good soon.



keep practisin
.*.* .El club más grande en el mundo, los madrid reales serán De nuevo los Campeones europeos .*.*.

pretty good
colombiano por siempre...

what song is that? ive been tryna figure out forever

oh and good video
u have some potential.
u look like ur having fun so its good
KevinR9 Thanks Bruvva

yea that was good and could u tell what song that was ?
Not bad...practice a little more and then make a new vid...we'll see if youre decent or what. Ok vid though. :?
That song is called "mas que nada" by Joao Gilberto
ya its not bad but with practice u cud bcum way better
never give up

angelos charisteas wrote:
That song is called "mas que nada" by Joao Gilberto

i knew it was brazilian or something. thanks very much;)
KevinR9 Thanks Bruvva

cool video... crazy song :p

Nice vid dude, keep on practicing and you'll be great. U got potential and u looked like you were having a good time :D

hate to say it... but one word.... CRAP.... but i guess ok considering your about what, 50 years old ?? lol wow thats old
again dude...not the most encouraging of posts....
The meaning of "PERSERVERANCE" is trying to master a freestyle trick that you just can't seem to do.......

australian freestyle crew "FDU"'s website..check it out...